Circuit City

Date: 6/17/19

AO: Heavy Metal Monday

QIC: Jiffy Pop

# of Pax: 8

Pax: Seahorese, Floppy Disc, Big Sky, GenX, Beauty, Mr. T, Adjuster, Jiffy Pop

Warm-o-rama: SSH x 24 IC, Tappytaps x 19 Moroccan Night Club x 19, Arm Circles x 17

The Thang: Mosey to tennis courts with 2 kettle bells each.  Performed 5 circuits of 3 – 30 seconds excercises.  Rinse and repeat Circuit 1, 45 seconds of rest as we moved to Circuit 2, rinse repeat, 45 seconds of rest as we move to Circuit 3, etc.  we almost made it 2 times all the way around.  The Exercises were as follows:
Circuit 1 (bench, no weights):  ‘Mericans, WWIIs (“Big Boy Situp), Dips
Circuit 2: Curls, Tricep Extensions, Squats (3 second hold at bottom)
Circuit 3: Dead Clean, Lateral Lunge, Lawn Mowers
Circuit 4 (bench with weights): Halo with a Twist, Squat Press, Bench Press
Circuit 5: Side Bend, Kettle Swings, Solo Tesh (clean to one arm press, hold 5 seconds)

COT: (copying Wapner’s BB) Let’s end the Ainsley’s Angels Fundraiser on a high note and raise as much cash as we can for the organization. The wing-a-thon is this Saturday at Buffalo wild wings on Eastwood Road. Spin Doctor gave a shout-out to all those Pax who have helped launch F3 Topsail The Bowspirit. Post up there on a Saturday when you get the chance. (end copy) Prayers: Seahorse safe travels and kids going to overnight camp (first time), for Beauty and Adjuster both of their dads are “going through some stuff”, Mr. T’s church youth trip headed to Plymouth NC.



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