06/14/2019 – BruCo



VQ: Bosley


Location: Leland AO


10 PAX: Bluegrass, Brady (Respect), Spyro Gyra, Tom Sawyer (Respect), Jewel, Kicks, Bone Spur, Cannoli, Keeler (Raleigh) 


Warm Up:


SSH x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Moroccan night clubs x 20 IC

Indian run around the park


The thang:




Stations – Each person would be assigned a workout. One person would walk the parking lot with the sand bag while the remaining did AMRAP. Once the sandbag returned the group would run one short lap around the parking lot. Switching exercises after every lap.




Exercise 1: Sandbag walk

Exercise 2: Kettle bell swing 

Exercise 3: Shoulder press

Exercise 4: Diamond Merkins

Exercise 5: Lawn mowers

Exercise 6: Goblet squats

Exercise 7: Triceps extensions 

Exercise 8: Mountain climbers

Exercise 9: LBCs

Exercise 10: Bicep curls


Repeated workouts again minus the parking lot lap.



American hammers 20 count

High plank 20 count

Low plank 20 count

Plank to right arm 20 count 

Plant to left arm 20 count

Scissor kick 20 count

Hello Dolly 19 count 


Circle Burp – 10 count 


Merkiplant – 10 count


Bluegrass took us out in prayer



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