DATE: 6/12/19

EC: 10Count, Snail Mail, OTC, BTB

# of PAX: 18

PAX: Footy, OTC, 10Count, Sooner, Happy, Spin Doc, 8Mile (Raleigh), Sparky, Magnito, Wapner, Toby, Snail Mail, Barnacle, Armor All, Dino, FNG – Rocket Power


  • seal claps x 25 IC
  • mountain climber merkins x 20 IC


  • mosey to the pull up bars and partner up for a modified DORA:
    • cumulative reps of:
      • 100- pull ups
      • 100- burpees
      • 100- Mike Tyson’s
    • partner does 50 jump ropes, runs to shelter, 25 inverted mountain climbers, runs back
    • flapjack
  • mosey to football field and line up opposite your partner
    • you are now on separate teams and enemies for ULTIMATE FOOTBALL
      • a few new rules:
        • 3 steps only with possession of the ball
          • if you need a break, go to low plank until you are recovered
        • ball changes possession when it hits the ground
        • if a team scores a touchdown, other team must sprint to other end of the field to receive the next kick off
  • mosey to the flag


  • welcome FNG – Rocket Power
  • prayers for Sooner, his M, and family
  • prayers for Armor All in his growth and business development
  • Q School at F3 Topsail this weekend
  • the F3 Ainsley’s Angels chair will be debuted at the Blueberry 5K this weekend

It was a privilege and an honor. BTB- over and out!


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