Ohhhh Yeahhhh!!!

June 7, 2019

PAX: (21) CaptStubing, Seahorse, Mr. T, JiffyPop, DixieChick, OverBite, TheAdjuster, FloppyDisk, WreckItRalph, BustedGrill, TomSawyer, SOL, Puffer, Houdini, LETC, GenX, FlyingWasp, PonyXpress, Chewey, Undertaker and YHC

Mission of F3 (You all know it), Disclaimer and explanation of why and how to modify any of the workouts… i.e. “Don’t Kill Yourselves”

We started with 10 Burpees OYO, to start things off right. Then…


20 X Side Straddle Hop IC

30 X Little Baby Arm Circles IC

20 X Toy Soldiers IC

10 Burpees OYO


We mosied over to the pull-up bars for a 5 set interval of 5 x pullups, 15 x dips, 10 combo LBCs and V-ups and a lap around Old Towne road.  Plank for the six. We mosied to the basketball court for some fun…lined up on the long side of the court and lunge walked across the court followed by 25 diamond merkins, lunge walk back and 25 merkins, lunge walk back and 25 trailerpark (double wide) merkins and lunge back. Next we lined up on the short side of the court for the BoneSpur signature burpee suicides.

We mosied back to the AO for some Mary and Broga.


Announcements… Block Party on the 15th.


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