WorkShop Burpdown

Date: 6/10/2019

QIC: KnucklePuck

PAX: Spin Dr, LETC, Tom Sawyer, Newton, Gravity, Tiny Dancer, JoCo, Old Crow, Waterboy, 8 Penny, Dixie Chick, Coffee Bean

AO: WorkShop

# of PAX: 13

Warmerama:  SSH x 40, Cotton Pickers x 20, Imp Walker x 20, Flutter Kick x 50

The Thang:  Mosy to the beach via Stone Street.  10 Burpees OYO to get warmed up.  11’s run to next beach access and do ten Burpees run back and do 1 big boy sit up continue decreasing Burpees and adding situps until we finish with 10 situps and 1 Burpee.

Patner Dora 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBC while partner submerges in ocean or does a Burpee near the water.

Mosy back to AO and finish up with a variation of count a rama “Burp a Rama” a circle burp and count a rama collide!

COT/Moleskin:  Military and first responders and all request spoken and unspoken.  It was a pleasure leading today and not doing Burpees!



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