More Swings Than A Public Park

Date: 6/10/19

AO: Heavy Metal Monday @ Hugh MacRae Park

QIC: Wapner

# of Pax: 21

Pax: SOL, Trucks, FNG – N’Sync, Overbite, Seahorse, Beauty, FNG – Tea Time, Floppy Disk, Mayhem, Hello Kitty, Puffer, Gen-x, Pony Express, Mr. T, Snap-On, CPT. Stubing, Gumtree, Niles, Crockett, Bottom line, Wapner

Warm-o-rama: 20 x Windmills IC, 30 x Smurf Jacks IC, 20 x Hillbillies IC, 10 burpees OYO

The Thang: We partnered up for some Dora. Every partner group picked 2 kettlebells. While Pax 1 performed the exercise, Pax 2 sprinted from the AO to the speed bump and back. Our 3 exercises were:

100 – Overhead Press w/ 2 KBs

200 – Front Squats w/ 2 KBs

300 – Kettlebell Swings

After chewing Dora up and spitting her out, we all grabbed a kettlebell and moseyed to the parking lot by the tennis courts. We split into 4 groups with each group starting at 1 of 4 stations. While Pax 1 would perform the exercise, his teammates would perform KB Swings. We rotated stations once the first team to have all its Pax complete the exercise were finished.

Station 1 – Box Jump x 10

Station 2 – Battle Rope Squat Jump x 10

Station 3 – Step-ups x 10 (5 per leg)

Station 4 – 2-KB Farmer Carry Lunge Walk x 20 paces

We grabbed all the coupons and equipment and moseyed back to the Flag for COT.

COT/Moleskin: 2 new Pop-up AOs this week: SOL is heading up a mountain bike ride dubbed Ride Forest Ride which will meet at the same location and time as Run Forest Run at UNCW Lot M tomorrow & Broga Bay @ Baywatch kicks off this Saturday at 0700. Today’s beatdown sucked, which means it didn’t suck. Strong work by everyone! Who’s motivated?!?!?


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