F3 Topsail Soggy Snotwoggler

June 6, 2019

PAX: 12 of which one FNG: ButterBean (FNG), Misfit, Longboard, White Buffalo, Tail Spin, Knuckle Puck, Sparky, Beaker, Deflate, Babe, Pez, Spin Doctor (QIC)

Mission of F3 (You all know it), Disclaimer and explanation of why and how to modify any of the workouts… i.e. “Don’t Kill Yourselves”

We started with 10 Burpees OYO, to start things off right. Then…


40 X Side Straddle Hop IC

20 X Imperial Walkers IC

20 X Windmills IC

20 X Cotton Pickers IC

10 Burpee Penalty for one PAX showing up late… and why not ?


We Introduced the Carterican Indian Run to The Bowsprit today… We ran to the far Baseball fields, where there were pull-up bars.


(Thank you Sparky for this one…) We took two groups of 6 PAX… each group had to hold high plank while one PAX from the group would do 5 pull-ups, calling out each pull-up. When the number was called, remaining PAX had to do a Merkin. So each PAX did 5 pull-ups and 25 Merkins each.


We moseyed over to the picnic shelter in that vicinity, where we did the following:

11’s: Step Ups or Jump Ups on the picnic tables, and then run over to the GaGa Pit to do Dips. Start with 10 Step Ups and 1 Dip.

We also did Mary for the 6 and then got the 6.

After that, we Carterican Indian Run back to the soccer fields, where did…

Talked about “Sad Clowns” and Fart Sacking, in place of a 10 count.


4 Corners consisting of the following:

10 Merkins

30 Monkey Humpers

40 Lunges

50 LBC’s

Backwards run between Corner 1 and Corner 2, Sprint from C2-C3, Bear Crawl C3-C4. At each Corner you add the exercise to the previous exercise, so that at Corner 4, you are doing 10 Merkins, 30 Monkey Humpers, 40 Lunges, and 50 LBC’s. We didn’t run from C4-C1 because I think I may have killed the FNG and the 6. So we stayed at C4 and started to introduce the PAX at Topsail how to Q.


Announcements… next weeks workout. Block Party on the 15th. Talked about the way forward with The Bowsprit… as we give the controls over to the PAX up there.

Prayers: Prayed for Beaker’s 2.0 who just started Grad School and is feeling overwhelmed.


It has been a pleasure to work on starting this AO. As we continue forward, I see bigger and better things to come. We just need to keep getting the word out there so that Men know we are out there. They don’t know that they need this, and it is our job to Give It Away.

I need to get a copy or two of Free To Lead for the PAX to pass around up there. Educating them one the principles and the background of F3 will be crucial to them.

Lastly, I went over to a group of men that were hanging around a tent in the other parking lot. There was some kind of race going on… very small, like only 10 runners. Anyways, I passed out cards to all the Men that I could talk to. One of those Men I recognized. He saw F3 and told me we had been to house to Muck it Out… Light came on for me… He also said that him and neighbor were wondering how to get in contact with us, because they want to do F3… AWESOME!!! More to follow.

Have an awesome Weekend!!!

Roger That!?!?

Spin Doctor – Over and Out!!!


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