How to Sprint 2 Miles Straight

Hot Sprinting
AO: Cool Runnings
# of Pax: 6
Pony Express, Bone Spur, Trump, Crosswalk, Rhombus & Gravity
QIC: Gravity

Kinda like stretching and talking. YHC has no recollection of signing up for this Q – must have been well before my health scare.

The Thang:
Follow me, head south to loop the parking lot, head back north to the lower lot.
Sprints Round 1: two groups of 3. 1 at a time will run across the lot, back, there and back again. Each member will do 10 sprints.

Move to the end of the lot. Same thing but a there and back, lengthwise in the lot.
Once complete, move to the tennis courts. Like a round in song, we are going to do a round suicide on the tennis courts.

Cool down mosey the long way to the AO: after 150 yards, a couple of deep breaths. Another 150 yards we spread our legs and did a 10 count on each side. Then we jail break to the AO.

Here we did a bunch of Mary, finishing w/ the alphabet led by Trump.

All in all, approximately 2 miles, maybe a little more. Except for the warm up and cool down, it was all sprints.

COT: Thanks for the opportunity to get out in the gloom. Posting has been challenging for YHC since my scare, but when the preblast was posted; I knew I had to lead. It felt good. Thanks for being there.

Next Saturday, June 15 is the F3 Cape Fear 5th Anniversary Party in the Cul-de-sac. Look for deets on Slack. Bone Spur is engraving some adult beverage glasses with the F3 Cape Fear logo, proceeds go to Etch’s new computer for his internship. Sunday Funday coming up in June at HMP – Shelter 3. You can see the splash pad from there. Yoga workout is launching next Saturday to coincide with Baywatch. A survey to pick the name is out there now.

As always, an honor to lead and grateful for the men of F3 Cape Fear for pushing me and encouraging me.


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