Battleship: Tour de Parking Garages

6/6/2019 (75th anniversary of D-Day)

13 PAX: Snickers, Brady, Fat Back, Baby Daddy, Mr. Kotter, Heisenberg, Money Gun, Osmond, Morpheus, Master of Disaster, Dixie Chick, Quincy, Spin Doctor (QIC)


10 Burpees OYO


20 X Imperial Walkers IC

20 X Cotton Pickers


We moseyed to the memorial on the water front… 10 Burpees OYO in honor of those that fought for freedom at Normandy (RESPECT!!!)

Then we moseyed to the 2nd Street Parking Deck off of Market. We ran up the stairs… (We lost two PAX, unbeknownst to me until we got to the stairs.) Then we circled up for:

2 rounds of:

10 X 4 count Merkins IC

10 X 4 Count Squats IC

10 $ Count LBC IC

We then moseyed down the ramps and started our way to the Wilson Center Parking Garage… Thank you to Morpheus to try and find the missing PAX. After passing the 3rd street parking deck, we caught up to Morpheus with no PAX, and circled back to the Flag to find the PAX. From there we went to the Water Street CFCC parking deck. At that deck we did a Fartlek up the ramps… sprinting up the ramps and jogging on the flats. Mary on the Six at the top.

We then moseyed down the stairs and then over to the Convention Center Parking Deck. There we jogged up the ramps and ran backwards on the flats. At the top Mary on the six and then 10 X 4 count Merkins.

We then moseyed back down the stairs and Jailbreak to the Flags.


Snotwoggler is this Saturday at Topsail. Need PAX to come up and suffer with the PAX of Topsail. F2 event on the 15th. Glassware sale.


I learned as a Q, always keep an eye for the 6.

Spin Doctor- Over and Out


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