Dora The Explorer Goes To The Slaughterhouse

Wednesday, June, 5:30am at HMP/ OGAO. 


Total PAX: 25 – Jiffy Pop, Baby Daddy, Gumtree, Wreck It Ralph, Tiny Dancer, SOL, FNG, Meyhem, Overbite, Floppy Disk, PUffer, Undertaker, Seahorse Hello Kitty, Petri, Duckheart, Elmer Fudd, Master of Disaster, Square Root, Glowstick, Dep. Dog, Houdini, Mr. T, Snickers


  1. 18 hillbillies
  2. 6 burpees oyo
  3. 21 seal claps
  4. 8 burpees oyo
  5. 15 mountain climbers
  6. 11 burpees oyo

Workout: Dora in 3 Phases

Phase 1 – The Bridge

Bear crawl over bridge and up. Partner does 10 lunge jumps, then sprints to catch up.

Phase 2 – The Pullup Bars

Proper Dora. 50 wide grip pullups, 50 chin ups, 50 bar dips. Parter does 20 merkins then swaps.

Phase 3 – The Slaughterhouse

One partner does suicide drills while the other does 5 balls to the wall pushups, 10 sidewalk surfers, 20 legs jump up and out/ back and together.

COT: FNG Watchdog. Strong work by all!


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