Birthday in the Park

Date: 6/5/19

AO: Monster Factory/Stingray

QIC: Sparky (R) and Spark Plug

PAX: Flounder, Etch-A-Sketch, Tom Sawyer (R), OTC, BabyBack, Bogey, Barnacle, Wapner, Knuckle Puck, EOM, Hush Money, Spin Doctor, Drag Cougar, JoCo, Footy, LETC (R), 10 Count, Gravity, Morpheus (R), Pledge, Spark Plug, Sparky (R)


Normal disclosure about not being a professional

“Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership”

Warmorama lead by SparkPlug

Moroccan Night Club X 58 IC

Windmill X 20 IC

Mountain Climbers X 25 IC

Seal Claps X 20 IC



Individual Medley (5 – Burpees, 5 – Merkin, 5 – 2 count Flutter Kicks, 5 – 2 count SSH @ 1:10, increasing by one after each round till you get to 10 each.  The normal time for this is 1:30, but since we were at the MonsterFactory time was decreased)

Formed 2 lines and did a lunge walk Indian Run to the first set of speed bumps

First speed bump:

5 – Merkin, 10 – Squats, 20 – LBC’s  (Instructions given was to double each number at each of the 4 speed bumps but the correction was made you add the first number to at each of the 4 speedbumps)

At the 4th speed bump mary for the 6.

Everyone do 6 burpees (Much mumblechatter about the number 6)

Mosey to the pull up bars

At the pull up bars:

6 more burpees

That was a total ot 58 burpees counting the ones done in the Individual Medley for the 58 times YHC has been around the sun

Split in the 2 groups of 11, time for:

Morning Call – P1 does 5 pull-ups, each time pull-up call is made the PAX left does merkin.  Keep going until each PAX did pull- ups.

Form 2 lines and do standard, not metric Indian Run.  Plan was to go back to the flags but YHC decided to make a stop at Faith Hill.

Bear Craw to the top, 5 squats, bear crawl to the bottom, 5 merkin, done twice

NOTE: At the top of the hill the first time an Opossum was spotted in the big bowl, Footy decided to try a Coast Guard type rescue using 2 fence post, not sure of the out come we had to leave

Indian Run back to the flags.



  • Snotwoggler at BowSpirit this Saturday And if   And if you can’t make that have a HuckFin Co-Q at BayWatch
  • 2nf F event June 15th see slack for details
  • Etch-A-Sketch is leaving next week for a year long internship with New Balance
  • I am sure there are other, I might have forgotten

Thanks to all who come out helping me celebrate my 58th birthday.  It was an honor to have my grandson help me lead.

That’s all for now, as always, it’s an honor to lead such a fine group of men and to see how F3 Cape Fear is GROWING.



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