F3Lejeune Snotwoggler

Date: 6-1-19


AO- F3Lejeune Snotwoggler

Pax: FNG Apollonia, FNG Caillou, FNG Radar, Avenatti, Frozone, Halftime, Mathlete, Iceman, Shoebox, Sparkles, Bonespur, Cheech, Cooter, FrankNBeans (WarDaddy RESPECT!), Gravity, Griswold, Linus, Navy, Princess, Purple Rain, Staypuft, Tom Sawyer.

Week 4 of F3Lejeune Launch fell to the shoulders of F3CapeFear.  We loaded 4 pax, and 190 years of age into the Bonespur clowncar to cruise north for the opportunity to give it away.  After Bonespur passed 3 coffee opportunities, Gravity went into the shakes so we stopped at Midway (Holly Ridge Speedway) to refuel the coffees.  Once resupplied, moods and focus shifted to the Snotwoggler.  We pulled in to find we would have a total of 23 pax for the beautiful Saturday morning.  Do they know what awaits?


Descending burpee ladder starting at 10, except one is not worth doing so we go from 2 to 10.

Yep, that’s the way you wake up the pax for the Snotwoggler.

Turns out Avenatti has already taken a full bottle of Daily Red Pills, as he has posted at every F3Lejeune workout so far.  YHC invites him in to lead us through the rest of Warmorama.

Side Straddle Hops IC x 30

Imperial walkers ic x20

Cherry pickers ic x 20

After a couple of stumbles, Avenatti has got it.  Get him on the Q calendar Site Q!

Form 2 lines for a Carterico Indian Run(5 merkins in rear, sprint to front).

We head to the tennis courts.  Not just any tennis courts, but Flushing Meadows tennis courts with 8 in a row!

Tha Thang-

Merkin Suicide Ladder- Run to far doubles line of first court, 1 merkin, back to beginning for 1 LBC (little baby crunch).

Run to 2nd court, 2 merkins, back for 2 LBCS. And so on, until 8 and 8.

People’s chair on the fence as Purple Rain shares about the horrors of Sad Clown Syndrome.

Back into our 2 lines for a Standard Indian Run to the picnic shelter for 11s.

Shelter 1, for 10 derkins.  Run to shelter 2 for 1 box jump or 2 count step ups.  YHC did say modify as needed Frozone!

Continue routine with one exercise descending to 1 and the other ascending to 10.

Before all of the pax were finished, yhc called Omaha! Jail Break to the flag for Mary.

Mary – Avenatti closed us out with flutter kicks.

CoT- Prayers for Gravity’s in-laws, his M, and Gravity.  Prayers for F3Lejeune and the men it will impact.  There were many other prayers, both spoken and unspoken.  Thanks for remembering each and everyone God, when yhc does not have the capacity to do so.  Thanks for the beautiful surroundings of our new AO.

Moleskin-  Tclaps for Avennati for stepping up.  Put you on the spot this am and you really stepped up.  Way to push it Iceman.  The pax are going to have fun chasing you.  Best of Lucy with the new kid on the way.  Radar and Caillou, we really did nail your names!  Second, embrace this thing.  You are such an inspiration to us old guys, and you will be surprised how close you can become to some of old men.  Tclaps Shoebox for getting all of the guys out.  Add that F3Ruck workout whenever you feel ready.  As long as it meets the 5 core principles of F3, then go with it- You are free to lead.  Halftime, when F3Lejeune blows up, you will have the honor of saying that you were there when…  It’s incredible how that feels.  Apollonia, enjoyed getting to know you some today.  Way to push through that first one. Y’all have a great core to make F3Lejeune something special.  You will not be alone.  The F3Nation community is incredible.  You can find most of us on tha twitter.  YHC is at @F3LETC.  We are alway here to help, encourage, and share experiences.  Visit F3 when in other towns as much as possible.  You will find men who are driven to accelerate their fitness, be leaders for their families, and impact their community no matter where you go.  And if you are willing to post with them in the gloom, they will instantly embrace you as brother.

Now, Start EHing.

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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