25 Cent Tour

Date: 05/30/2019

AO: Breakpoint

QIC: Gage (substitute for Mr. Spin Doctor)

# of Pax: 17. See namaroma on Slack

YHC first visit (and Q) to Breakpoint’s AO.- let’s see how this goes!


  • Cotton Pickers x 25
  • SSH x 25
  • IW x25

The Thang:

Mosey to the O2 Fitness parking lot to show the Air Conditioned Athletes how its done in the sun (and humidity). Start at first speed hump for 25 air squats, sprint to 2nd speed hump for 25 burpees, and finally, sprint to 3rd speed hump for 25 air squats. Rinse, repeat on the way back to 1st speed hump. Repeat the evaluation once more ( 100 burpees!!)

Mosey over to the Methodist Church Parking Lot. For a second there, Morpheus thought we were heading back to his house for some birthday cake an Gatorade. We did manage to get in 2 cycles of dips and sprints before heading back to Empie Park’s picnic tables for incline merkins and step-ups. Oh, did I mention we did some Mary between each evaluation.


Enough time left to cool down while each pax expressed 1 thing they were grateful for.

Happy Birthday Morpheus (51). RESPECT!

Prayers for our community, health, weather, and Military


Gage- Out!


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