Red Alert 2

Wednesday, May 29th, 5:30am at HMP/ OGAO. 


Total PAX: 22; Mayhem, Square Root, Glowstick, PSB, Silas, Hello Kitty, Niles, Beauty, Floppy D, Flying Wasp, Gravity, Gumtree, Big Sky, Wapner, Jiffy Pop, Cap. Stubing, Tiny Dancer, Puffer, Double Check, FNG x 2.

Red Alert 2

Warm Up:

14 Seal claps
5 Burpees oyo
17 Goofballs
7 Burpees oyo

Phase 1:

Indian run to pull-up bars

Super-set: 10 pull-ups and 10 American Hammers. Alternate for 5 minutes.

Indian run to the playground

Phase 2:

Circuit Training. When one team finishes the short lap around the playground, everyone rotates to the next station. When the music cuts and says “Red Alert,” all PAX must make it to the safe zone before the countdown ends. The consequence for anyone not making it in time is 5 tuck-jump burpees for all PAX. Burpees were performed for 2 out of 4 Red Alerts. The stations are:

  1. Lap around playground
  2. Feet in swing- Knees to chest
  3. Donkey kicks
  4. Lunge walks
  5. Suicide drills
  6. Dips
  7. Spider crawls
  8. Decline merkins
  9. Ice Skaters
  10. Bicep curls with heavy coupons (courtesy of Wapner)
  11. Squat pulses
  12. Hold plank

Phase 3:

Abs. 3 exercises at one minute each.

  1. Pulse/ reach crunches
  2. Criss-cross legs with pulse crunch
  3. Bicycle- knees to elbow in quick quick slow rhythm.

Jailbreak back to AO


Thanking God for Gravity’s safety in the midst of a health scare.

2 FNGs: Welcome to Undertaker and GenX




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