A Hard Fought 3Miles

DATE: 5/28/19


# of PAX: 9

PAX: Spare Rib, Trump, Pony Express, LETC, Flounder, Tank, Chop Shop, 8Penny


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Cotton Pickers x 20 IC


  • mosey to Wings and partner up
  • Catch Me if You Can with your partner to the south side of the Blockade Runner
    • 1 partner does 10 merkins then sprints to catch the other who is running backwards
  • still with you partner, you will run in opposite directions from Access 33 down the beach in the soft sand to Access 34 and back on the road. The other partner runs the opposite direction. Every time you pass, do 5 burpees each. Do 3 loops total
  • Catch Me If You Can back to Wings
  • mosey to the public dock for DORA
    • one partner runs to the end of the dock, jumps in, climbs out, does 5 merkins. Flapjack
    • Cumulative Reps of:
      • 100- mountain climbers (4 count)
      • 200- flutter kicks (2 count)
      • 300- American Hammers (2 count, then switch to single count for time)
  • mosey back to the flag!


  • I appreciate all these men and all the other HIM in our region for consistently pushing me to be stronger, better, and holding me accountable!

BTB- over and out!


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