Pre-Memorial Day at The Bowsprit

DATE: 5/25/19

PAX: 17 total PAX with 1 FNG: Shakedown, Sparky, Sparkplug, Thin Slice (Metro PAX), Barnacle, Footy, Dino, Renaldo, White Buffalo, Babe, Deflate, Beaker (FNG), Nozzle, Johnny 5 (Raleigh PAX), Dixie Chick, .50Cal, YHC

QIC: Spin Doctor


10 Burpees OYO

25 X Side Straddle Hop IC

20 X Mountain Climbers IC

25 X Moroccan Night Clubs IC

25 X Imperial Walkers IC


We moseyed to the far Baseball fields, where there are pull-up bars. On the way we had some “Pearls” that were on a string… 20 X Flutter Kicks IC, 10 X Merkins IC. When we reached the Pull-up Bars, I demoed a Modification of a Pull-up for our first workout. Afterwards, we did the following in honor of Murph:

Partner exercise: PAX 1 was running around the Baseball fields, to make a stop at the pull-up bars for 5 Pull-Ups. Then continued to the pavilion where PAX 2 was working on the following, Dora Style:

200 X Merkins

300 X Squats

When PAX were complete, Mary for the “6”… then we picked up the “6”. When complete, we moseyed back to our starting point, and the soccer fields. Again there were some “Pearls” that were on a string… 20 X Windmills IC, and 20 X LBC IC.

Once we reached the Soccer Fields, we partnered up again for Partner “11’s”. We stayed together as partners for the whole exercises:

Partner Derkins

Partner Big Boy Sit-ups with hand touches on the top.

We ran from one sideline to the other sideline.

Lastly, we did 5 Burpees OYO, in honor of those that have fallen… (5 because everyone was smoked, it was going to be 10…)


Announcements: Sunday Funday, Convergence this Monday, The Bowsprit next Saturday. Praises to all that have come out from CapeFear to support the launch of the Bowsprit.

Thin Slice gave some words of wisdom and praise for all PAX who have supported The Bowsprit Launch. Coming from Metro, this what OBT and Dredd mean about “Giving it away!”

Prayers: For Huggiebear… Point Break and Gravity for healing.

We ended at 0800. 5 PAX went to Port City Java…

I want to extend a grateful thank you to all of you that have driven up to Hampstead to support this Launch. It was great to have Thin Slice and Johnny 5 from out of town.

HAVE AN AWESOME MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!! Enjoy the time with your family and friends. Men and women have given their lives to allow us to have these freedoms. Enjoy, have a beer or two, fire up the Grill, go out to the beach, have fun and remember those Service Members. I guarantee if they were here, they would be right there with us all, enjoying this weekend!


Spin Doctor, Over and Out!!!


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