AO: Break Point

Date: 23 May 2019

QIC:  JoCo

Pax: Tom Sawyer, Crosswalk, Do-Right, Bluegrass, Sunshine, LETC, Hush Money, Flight Nurse, Comic Con, Snickers, Big Tuna, Kryptonite, Gumtree, Mayhem, Hello Kitty, Rhombus, Seahorse, Starbuckle, NKOTB, Stouffers, CAD Monkey (FNG Hank), Beauty, Floppy Disk, Duck Heart, Waterboy, Sooner, Niles, Nancy Pants, JoCo

29 Pax planted seeds of perseverance out at Break Point Farm. We don’t always enjoy life’s trials in the moment, but sometime later (maybe years), looking back we can realize and appreciate its contribution to our development in becoming HIMs.


Arm Circles x10 (forward & backward), Bean Pickers (aka Cotton Pickers) x20, Knee Huggers x10, Old Man Windmills x10, Frankenstein’s x10

Mosey around the Farm to the Home Place

The Thang:

“Plant” non-desirable exercise in each field for 45 seconds AMRAP. 15 seconds to mosey to next field (tennis court) and move to starting position. We sowed a total of 19 fields with the following:

1 Burpees

2 Merkins

3 Turkish Get-Ups

4 V-Ups

5 Monkey Humpers

6 Pickle Pumpers

7 Diamond Merkins

8 Scorpion Dry-Docks

9 Bobby Hurleys

10 Copperhead Squats

11 Burpees

12 Flutter Kicks

13 Crunchy Frogs

14 Finger-Tip Merkins

15 6 Inches (feet)

16 Big Boy Sit-Ups

17 Bear Crawls

18 Sweaty Angels

19 [left fallow]

20 [left fallow]

21 [left fallow]

22 [left fallow]

23 [left fallow]

*Chased the cows back into the pasture (aka Jail-Break)

24 Burpees

COT: Announce support of new AOs, 2nd & 3rd F opportunities. Prayers for Gravity and his family dealing with health issues. Thankful for time spent with F3 brothers. May we shine our light of influence throughout our communities today.

Moleskin: Fun Fact: There are 24 tennis courts at Empie Park. It doesn’t look like there’s that many, but there is. 29 F3 Pax can all fit on one court with plenty of room to do Burpees. AMRAP exercises keep the 6 from falling behind. Limit story-time during a 45 min workout. Look straight down during Monkey Humpers & Pickle Pumpers and avoid eye contact.

Welcome CAD Monkey. Shout-Out to Waterboy for completing the 50in10 Challenge.


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