Never Miss a Leg Day…. Squirrel!

AO: Screaming Eagle

Date: 22 May 2019

QIC:  Donut

Pax: Tombstone, Rx, Mounty, Hooch, Wi-Fi, Stouffers

Seven pax accepted the challenge and arose early to get their legs, butts, and abs in beach shape.  It was a triumphant return to the Q position for YHC and I was looking forward to bringing back the basics.


Mountain climbers x20, SSH x20, Hillbillies x20, 10 burpies OYO

Let’s mosey to the picnic tables

The Thang:

1, 2, 2.8 Dora – Correct.  I said 2.8.  As mentioned previously, this was YHC’s triumphant return to the Q, thus timeline management was not necessarily the strong point.  So let’s pick a battle buddy and begin.

Each pair will complete (1 pax runs to and fro while the other exercises):

100 crunchy frogs (4 count)

200 Smurf jacks (4 count SSH done in squat position)

300 Imperial squat walker (4 count imperial walker with a squat before each knee lift).  At least the intention was to complete 300 of these.  In reality, everyone was smoked after the ridiculous smurf jack requirement.  So we got to a happy place so we could finish out the remainder of the workout.

No time for 11’s, so let’s do 7’s instead.  We moseyed to a grassy place in honor of Hooch’s tail bone and found a short section between the sidewalk and a fence.  It has to be short because we will be doing lunges too and fro.

Start with 0 American Hammers and lunge to far side.  Complete 7 angle grinders (start in a sort of like Carolina Dry Dock position with feet together.  Now flatten out and go all the way down for a merkin, then back up to ass in the air position).  Reverse lunge back and do 1 American Hammer followed by 6 angle grinders.

Let’s mosey back to the flag for 25 flutter kicks to round it out.

Nice work!!

COT: TAPs for Niles’ brother, teachers, health care providers, first responders, those that defend and all needs spoken and unspoken.

Moleskin:  A very motivated squirrel joined the workout temporarily and ran right between two pax during Dora.  Thus a new Screaming Eagle rule was born:  If you can catch a squirrel, you get to skip the rest of the work out.  Things I learned at the WO from Hooch:  1) Never eat or drink anything a student gives you; 2) Black market beers are going for $20 a piece; 3) You can vape beer.  Things I learned from Stouffers: 1) Do not stand down wind of him.

Strong work Wi-Fi, it was a pleasure meeting you. Strong efforts from Tombstone, Mounty, and Rx as well!  Well done!!


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