It was Cool Runnings through the Muni

Carl Spackler – Greenskeeper

AO: Cool Runnings – OG AO – Hugh MacRae Park

Date: 5/22/2019


PAX: Big Sky, 8-Penny, Pony Express, & Flounder

Warm Up: SSH x 20 (IC), Potato Pickers x 20 (IC)

The Thang: Run to the Municipal Golf Course, watch for pot holes! Sorry Flounder, hope you feel better soon! Once at the Muni, we payed homage to the ‘Par’ by doing that number of burpees at each hole, thanks for the idea EPO!  We got 12 holes covered before we had to turn it down Long Leaf Hills Dr, then through OG AO back entrance with a strong finish to the AO. 4.5 miles covered (More for 8 Penny and Pony Express getting the 6), thanks fellas!

COT: Prayers for our military, first responders, Gravity, and all others going through personal struggles.


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