Battleground Beatdown

Date: 5-22-19

QIC:  Snap-On

AO: The Battleground

Pax: Crosswalk, Rhombus, Sunshine, Crockett, Baby Daddy, WAWO, Snickers, Bluegrass


SSH IC x 20

Mosey around the roundabout

Imperial walkers IC x20

Cotton Pickers IC x 20

Mosey to behind the welcome center

The Thang-

Partner up for some dora. Partner A stayed and did 100 dips, 200 squats and 300 Freddie Mercuries. Partner B ran from behind the welcome center back to the flags at the AO and back.

Mosey to the roundabout

PAX built up on the workouts. We started with 10 merkins and ran around the roundabout. This was followed by another 10 merkins and 20 sumo squats, then another run around the roundabout. We then did another 10 merkins and 20 sumo squats then 30 Bobby Hurley’s, then ran around the roundabout. The final lap was built up with 10 more merkins, 20 sumo squats, 30 Bobby Hurley’s and 40 Moroccan Nightclubs.

Once this was completed, Sunshine took over as guest Q for some high knees and runs and then some skip and runs.


Dying cockroaches, IC x 20

Heels to heaven, IC x 20

Snickers let us in a plant workout, where we went around the circle and led a plant workout

Crosswalk then led us in a protractor workout.

COT: Prayers for Sunshine’s brother and sister in law for their soon to be newborn twins and prayers for Crepeface’s family back in France who are dealing with some issues

Moleskin: Sunday Funday is back at Veteran’s Park this Sunday from 3-5. Bring the family and food and drinks.

Convergence on Monday, Memorial Day, at Baywatch at 0700.

Thank you men for joining me today and allowing me to lead.



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