UNCW campus tour

When 5/21/2019

Where Run Forest Run, UNCW



Sweatervest, Dagger board, Morpheus, Comicon, SOL, Spin Doctor, Crockett, Fatback, Hooverround, Mr Kotter, and Money-gun.


11 men posted at Run Forest Run for a hot and humid run. I have not been to this AO in quite some time. Man, the campus is changing. Speaking of changes; I have been making a concerted effort to go to different AO’s. It is awesome meeting all the new pax. We sure have come a long way since 2014. Just freaking awesome!!!!

I admit I was disappointed when I was the only pax in Ranger Panties.

The Thang

Warmup.    25 seal claps

Start the mosey. Head into the  Blumenthal wildflower forest. Run the trails. Stop and wait on the 6. Hold the Al Gore.

Now head across campus to run the trails behind the dorms.

Note to everyone becareful when following SOL in the woods. His navigational skills are sketchy. I am not comparing him to Hasselhoff. 😜 Posion Ivy!!!!

Damn there were a few very large spider webs!!!!

Regroup in the parking lot on the other side. Wait on the 6. Hold the Al Gore.

Line up single file. Indian run until time is up. If you need extra then run around the formation 1 or 2 times to make it harder.

We return to the flag at 0615.


Family Fun Day  Sunday May 26,  3-5 pm Veterans Park Shelter #1

Bring some food to share and your beverage of choice. See slack.

Time to start thinking about putting together a team for the Blue Ridge Relay.

This is an awesome completely pointless and utterly stupid activity. F3 has basically taken over the race. Excellent F2 And a great time. Reach to Mr Kotter or EPO.



SOL thank you for your help bushwhacking this morning at the beginning of the run. Thanks for pointing out all the poison ivy. I’m sure everybody’s itching like crazy now.


Big shout out to, Comicon who really pushed hard today even though it totally sucked for him.

It was great seeing all these new faces. I haven’t been out to any of the AO’s in quite a while other than my home base of Screaming Eagle.

Just totally amazing how F3 has grown over the last four years.

EPO out





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