The Bowsprit Hard Launch

DATE: 5/18/19

PAX: 36 total PAX, 4 FNGs with for a Grand Total of 16 FNG’s in two weeks.

Tiny Dancer, Hush Money, Busted Grill, Dino, Renaldo, Niles, Tom Sawyer, Frank the Tank (FNG), Animal Chin, BamBam, Projectile (F3 Raleigh), Offering Plate, Beignet, Tadpole, .50Cal, Whalberger, Starbuckle, Sparky, JoCo, Tenenbaum, Misfit, Tailspin, KnucklePuck, Beauty, Longboard, Milkman, Happy, Sooner, The Gobbler (FNG), Mickey (FNG), Deflate (FNG), White Buffalo, Babe, Huggiebear, SpinOff

QIC: SpinDoctor


The Mission of F3 is to Plant, Grow, and Serve small workout groups for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.

F3 is Fitness/Fellowship/Faith

Prior to our exercises, we gave a quick demo of how cadences worked, and how exercises were called out. Made sure there was a F3 CapeFear PAX near a FNG for any questions. Thank you Dino for giving the demo!

20 X Side Straddle Hops IC

20 X Hillbillies IC

20 X Cotton Pickers IC

10 X Abe Vigoda’s IC

5 X 4 Count Merkins IC


We moseyed over to the Concession stand and pavilion. When we go there we talked about the first and second fundamental of F3… Free and Open to all Men!

Then Paired up for a Partner circuit:

3 Rounds of:

PAX 1 held the Peoples’ Chair at the concession stand, and PAX 2 went over to the Pavilion to execute:

10 Step-Ups, 10 Derkins, 10 Dips

We then moseyed to the far Baseball Field. We made sure the “6” was looked after. Great job to all PAX making sure that we didn’t lose anyone. When we got to the Field, we met up in the outfield. Next fundamental: Workouts are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold… thanks to Tom Sawyer to chiming up, and others about times we worked in adverse conditions.

Paired up with another Partner, for Dora with 4 corners. The exercises were:

50 Merkins, 100 Jump Squats, 150 LBC’s and 200 Monkey Humpers

1 PAX was exercising, while other PAX was taking a trip around the bases… 2nd-3rd Sprint, 3rd-HOME PLATE Bear Crawl, HOME to 1st, Spirit, 1st to 2nd Bear Crawl.

After we divided the PAX into two teams. We then proceeded to have an Indian Run competition back to the Flags and Soccer Fields. There was going to be a penalty, but I could see that some of the FNG’s may need a break. We ran as fast as the “6”. Never leave a man behind… fundamentals…

When we got to the soccer field, we now broke everyone down in teams of three and did a Grinder for 10 minutes. PAX ran from one side of the soccer field to the other, while the other 2 PAX were executing the called exercise, call out by YHC.

We finished up and circled up on the soccer field. Tom Sawyer then talked about the last fundamentals while I ran to the car to grab The Bowsprit shovel flag. Counterama and Nameorama occurred. After which I said a few word, Spinoff brought in the Shovel Flag…. I proceeded to hand the flag to .50Cal and Huggiebear. Huggiebear and .50Cal planted the shovel flag!!!


Reminded everyone that today is the HL, but it continues from this day forward. We cannot make F3 Topsail work, without all the PAX that here today. We need the continued support of F3 Cape Fear HIMs.

Shout out to Projectile who came down from Raleigh with his family, and came to the HL because he heard about it through the channels.

Prayers were said and Praises were given.


POST POST… It took me some days to put all this together, so I may have forgotten some of the things that were said. I apologize if I missed anything… things came up at home and this was on the back burner.

Thank you to everyone that supported this launch… It doesn’t end this past Saturday. I challenge Cape Fear PAX to post up in Hampstead at least one time these next few weeks. We need your support. We want to show F3 Topsail what it is all about.

I am Winchester (out of ammo)…

Roger That!

Over and out, Spin Doctor!


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