Meet TheWorkshop – Our newest AO!

Date: 5-20-19


AO- TheWorkshop

Pax: 8Penny, Beauty, Dino, Gravity, Happy, Hush Money, Milk man, Sooner, Spare Rib, Trump, Ugly Stik, Venus

Thirteen pax gathered at the WB Methodist parking lot for the SL of TheWorkshop.  Due to 20+ every Monday at HMP and Stingray, it was time to open another AO in this part of the county.  Divide and multiply.  The weather was perfect.  The wind nil.  The summer time pax have not arrived yet, but we will be ready.  WB weekday bootcamps have begun!  Sand, water, views, Yeah baby!  Many of the pax are so jacked they posted at 0500 for EC run.


SSH ic x 30

Imperial walkers ic x20

Cherry pickers ic x 20

Indian run to the beach access.

Tha Thang-

Partner up.  Catch me if you Can.  Partner 1 does 5 burpees, then chases down  Partner 2 as he runs backwards down the beach.  Flapjack.  Continue until the water tower then pick up the 6.

Mosey to the upper deck of CYC for DORA.

100 merkins

200 squats

300 LBCs 

Partners flapjack by running to bottom of stairs for 5 box jumps.

Turtle Run back to AO along Banks Channel.  Nothing better for some sunrise and full moon.

CoT- Prayers for Gravity’s in-laws and M.  Prayers for Beauty’s friend and Sooner’s friend.  Thanks for F3CapeFear growing and the opportunity to continue to reach more men.  Thanks for the beautiful surroundings of our new AO.

Moleskin-  Tclaps for the Trump nomination of Hush Money as the Site Q of our new AO.  Planning on moving 2 parking lots over to Surf City Surf Shop due to better lighting, fewer residents, and smoother pavement (for the hand models).  Tclaps to everyone posting this am.  This gonna be a good one.  Now, Start EHing.

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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