Bridges and Beach

DATE:  18 May 2019

AO:   Baywatch

# of PAX:  15

QIC:  Morpheus

PAX:  Tank, Vogue, welcome FNG Bandwagon (Bryan), Cosmo (from F3 Durham), NKOTB, Heisenberg, Chop Chop, Overbite, Blue Steel, Enron, McFly, Seahorse, Hovaround

WARM-A-RAMA:  SSH x 19 (silent after 5, sort of); Imperial Walker x 15; Mountain Climber x 20

THE THANG:  Mosey to bridge and lunge walk all the way across bridge  (looked good on paper, a little sore today).

Turn left and run to stoplight at Johnny Mercer’s Pier with 3 burpees every time a car passes in either direction.  Strong work Vogue, leading the pack!

Turn left and mosey to bridge.  6 burpees, then skip across bridge and mosey back across for Mary at parking lot.  Imperial Walker x 20; Flutter Kicks x 20; Freddy Mercury x 20

Turn right and run South on Lumina with 10 Squats at each side of street when cross a street and Dips x  15 at each bench or wall.

Grab the Six and mosey to beach at end of Stone Street.  Count into 1’s and 2’s for Buddy System, then link arms and into surf for WWII Sit Ups (arms linked) x 20 and Merkins x 20.  Play in surf then mosey to AO.

COT:  Praises for Hampstead/Bowsprit AO launch.  Prayers for Chop Chop and his family for a successful adoption process.

MOLESKINZ:  Beautiful day, nice to enjoy the ocean and scenery where we live.  Strong work by all PAX.

Look forward to seeing FNG Bandwagon on a regular basis in the gloom.

Strong work NKOTB and Enron for clown car and multiple posts this week.

Great push Vogue.

It is an honor and a privilege.

Morpheus out.



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