The Rainbow Bridge

AO:  Break Point (Empie Park)

DATE:  16 May 2019

# of PAX:  19

QIC:  Morpheus

PAX:  Hello Kitty, Mr. Kotter, Sweater Vest, Enron, Magnito, Money Gun, Dagger Board, Beauty, Seahorse, Gum Tree, NKOTB, Comicon (FNG Ryan Fairchild), Pony Express, Fat Back, JOCO, Floppy Disk, Mayhem, Nancy Pants

WARM-O-RAMA:  SSH x 19 (silent after 5); Imperial Walker x 15; Mountain Climbers x 20

THE THANG:  Mosey to Firefighters/9-11 Memorial at Fire Station at Independence and Park Ave.  Circle up around Memorial and honor those who protected and protect us.  9 plus 11 is 20, so 20 Step-ups, Dips, inclined and declined Merkins.

Mosey back to AO and then to orange cone placed at start of Cross-City Trail.   Six total orange cones placed at intervals following Cross-City Trail out of Empie Park, across Wrightsville Avenue to the steel bridge behind Flying Machine Brewery (i.e., the “Rainbow Bridge”)(0.5 mi. from first to last cone).  Signs at cones call the exercise and number (Burpees x 5, Imperial Walker x 20, Lunges x 10 ea. leg, Merkins x 20, Plank Jacks x 25, Squats x 30) – add an exercise and run back to first cone each leg (e.g., do 5 Burpees then run to next cone for 20 Imperial Walker, then back to 1st cone for 5 Burpees, then to next cone for 20 Imperial Walker, then to next cone for 20 Lunges, then back to first cone for 5 Burpees, etc.  Do the exercises on way out adding one cone/exercise each leg, run straight back after each cone/exercise added to first cone (skipping exercises on way back).

On your six for some Mary facing East on Rainbow Bridge for colorful sunrise with all PAX (American Hammer x 20, Flutter Kicks x 15).

Mosey to AO for COT.

COT:    Prayers to Beauty’s family for post-storm recovery and to Sweater Vest for friend’s dad with Alzheimers; prayers to all those in need of recovery and healing and all those who protect us daily in service.

MOLESKINZ:  Welcome FNG Comicon.  Strong work to Brookwood/Keating/Gordon clown car for showing in numbers in welcome and support of Comicon!

Welcome back NKOTB (New Kids on the Block)!  How many years has it been?  With a cool name like that, no excuses.

Right on time Seahorse.

Way to push this morning PAX.  Everyone made it to the Rainbow Bridge and back.

It is an honor and a privilege.

Morpheus out.


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