Having Fun Picking Things up and Putting them Down

DATE: 5/16/2019: Thursday Thunder

QIC: SpinDoctor

PAX: 6 Total, Sparky(Respect), Wapner, Offering Plate, Pledge, 10 Count (The Bear)


20 X Seal Claps IC

20 X Baby Arm Circles IC

20 X Abe Vagooda’s IC

20 X Cotton Pickers (There I said it!!!) IC

10 X 4 Count Merkins IC


THANG 1: Partner Farmer’s Carry. PAX 1 carried two coupons down and back in the parking lot. PAX 2 did Goblet Squats while waiting we did 3 rounds of this.

THANG 2: Team Farmer’s Carry. 3 PAX carried a barbell with 135#’s down around the last  island in the parking lot and back around. We then did 5 Burpees OYO… rinse and repeat for a total of 3 trips.

THANG 3: Partner Farmer’s Carry… now using the bleachers. PAX 1 carried the coupons up and down the bleachers, while PAX 2 did Atlas Stones over the shoulders… rinse and repeat for a total of 3 rounds.

THANG 4: Team Overhead Plate Carried lunges. 2 PAX at one end, one PAX at the first Island. One PAX carried and lunged to the other side, while all PAX held Plank. All PAX Lunged 3 X

THANG 5: On the bleachers executed “Bucket Brigade” (better explained in the F3 Lexicon) with a 45# plate…


Keep giving to F3 Ainsley Angels chair for the second chair. F3 Topsail “The Bowsprit” Hard Launch is this Saturday at 0700.

Prayers for 10 Count’s 2.0 as she goes to States Track competition… GOOD LUCK!!!

Awesome morning gents!!! I am feeling the burn still.

Have an awesome day!!!

Roger that!!!

Spin Doctor, Over and Out!!!


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