Heavy Metal Mapping?

Date: 5/13/19 


PAX (25): Wapner, Johnnie Cochran, Snuko, Bono, Tom Sawyer, Floppy Disk, SOL, 8-Penny, Big Sky, The Adjuster, Hush Money, JoCo, Ugly Stick, Blade, LETC, Beauty, Jiffy Pop, Morpheus, Mayhem, Snap On, Happy Gilmore, Dixie Chick, Trump, Nancy Pants and YHC

Q: Gumtree

Warm Up:

·        Side Straddle Hop x 30 IC
·        Daisy/Potato Tapity-Taps x 20 IC
·        5 Burpees OYO
·        Imperial Walkers x 25 IC 


25 PAX worked hard on two full circuits of a cartography – inspired HMM with a little late ‘90s grunge/post-grunge background noise. The workout consisted of 10 stations exercising with tiny globes as follows.  Shift to the next station as #10 returns to their coordinates of origin.

1.      Globe Pullers (Lawnmowers)
2.      Mountain Makers (Curls)
3.      South Pole Squats
4.      Prime Meridians (Upright Rows)
5.      GPS (Chest Press)
6.      Pass the Globe Lunges
7.      3.8M Sq. Mi. Hammers
8.      Midwest Swings
9.      North Arrows (Tricep ext.)
10.   AO Equator Lap

Prayers: Bono lifted up a family dealing with a very recent suicide. Let’s remember to keep a check on each other!
Praise: Hush Money is safe and uninjured, along with the other party involved, following an auto accident last week.
Hard Launch of F3 Topsail – the BOWSPRIT – this Saturday 5/18/19!
The Workshop – coming to Wrightsville Beach this coming Monday, 5/20/19!
Ainsley’s Angels continues through June. Keep up the support!

Big SO to Tom Sawyer and Tombstone for making sure I got on the calendar.  Thanks to all the OG_AO PAX who continue to push and encourage me.  I appreciate the opportunity to lead!

 Gumtree out!


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