F3Topsail’s The Bowsprit: Soft Launch

The Bowsprit Soft Launch:


Total PAX: 22 (11 FNGs): Gravity, HuggieBear, GI Jane (2.0), Lil’ Deuce Coupe (2.0), Wookie, Switch Board, Knuckle Puck, Triple Threat (2.0), SpinOff (2.0), .50Cal, SOL, Stop Drop and Roll, Pele (2.0), White Buffalo, Longboard (2.0), High Country, BB-8 (2.0), Animal Chin, Misfit, Tailspin (2.0), Babe (Bosocks Fan)

QIC: SpinDoctor


Welcomed all the new PAX and gave a brief introduction to F3. Added clarification and expounded on F3 as we went through the Warm-up.

20 x Side Straddle Hop IC (Demo First)

20 x Imperial Walkers IC (Demo First)

20 x Daisy Pickers IC (Demo First)

20 x Abe Vagoda’s IC (Demo First)


Indian Run to the far Baseball fields, about 1/2 of Mile away. Once we were there we did a four corners around the baseball field. Bear crawling between the bases.

1st) 10 x SSH

2nd) 10 x SSH, 10 x Lunges

3rd) 10x SSH, 10 X Lunges, 10x Big Boy Sit-ups

HP) 10 x (SSH, Lunges, BB Sit-Ups, Bobby Hurleys)

Then we mosseied 1/4 way back and did DORA: Partner 1 ran around the opposite baseball diamond while Partner 2 worked on the following: 100 Merkins, 200, Squats, 300 LBCs.

Then we mosseied to the concession stand with our partners. At the concession stand one partner executed, The People’s Chair, while the other partner ran to  the pavilion to do 10 x StepUps.

Jailbreak to where we started for COT. Counterama, and Nameorama… with new names given to FNG’s. We ended at 7:45, in order to give out all names and talk about the 2nd and 3rd F’s.

Prayers: Stop Drop and Roll’s Sister, Gravity’s Father-in-law, .50Cal’s Father-In-Law.

Moleskin: It was good to get the Soft Launch out of the way and see where we need to make some rudder steers for next week. After hearing how the JAX HL went, I am feeling like we will use there “template” for next week. Do not plan for a full hour workout, because of the COT and not going overtime. Good thing is, I had 4 workouts in the hopper if I needed them as we went. Definitely do not crush it on this first workout, you want the PAX to come back and bring a FNG next time. Have a plan to incorporate the principles of F3 during the workout, to provide a “break” in the pain. I am grateful for all those that drove up from CapeFear for the SL, hoping that we just flood the the new AO with CapeFear PAX next week… Nameorama can be tough with a ton of FNGs. Also, I need a Vannah White for next week, seeing that my go to has left me high and dry for next week…

Look forward to seeing everyone out there next week! ROGER THAT!!!

Spin Doctor, Over and Out!




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