A Gorilla in the Mist

As the boys from Sting Ray arrived at Monster Factory this morning, they noticed a new flag – the #og_AO flag flying. It was glorious.

I have to say, you guys do EC right.

Date: 05/13/2019
AO: Monster Factory – aka Sting Ray Monday
# of Pax: 20
Pax: 10 Count, Pledge, Sooner, Offering Plate, Snail Mail, Flounder, Spin Doctor, Waterboy, EOM, OTC, Footy, Drag Cougar, Coffee Bean, Toby, Sparky, Milk Man, Happy, Magnito, Ball Bearing & Gravity
QIC: Gravity
Weather: breezy and humid, 70 something degrees

SSH x 20 IC
Hill Billies: 20 IC
Daisy Pickers: 15 IC

Indian Run out of the parking lot, to the right and around the pond to the F3 pull up bars.
Partner up for a Lap Circuit:
Exercise 1: 10 partner-assisted Hang-n-Hold Pull ups (hang for 10 count, pull up, Hold for 10 count) modify as necessary (more time for those good at pull-ups, less time for those weak at pull-ups).
Exercise 2: Partner weighted merkins. Partner A does 20 merkins, Partner B holds High Plank with feet resting on Partner A’s back. Switch.
Exercise 3: Run to the picnic shelter: 25 Burpee Box Jumps

Mosey around the pond to the Gen-Pop pull up bars – rinse and repeat – goal is to complete two laps with the 4 total circuits.

Most of the Pax finished the pull ups and merkins on the 4th stop. – I think 1 pair got the 4th round of box jumps done.

Move to the basketball court:
Groups of 4 for wind sprints
There, back, there, back = 1
Each Pax completes 3 sprints

Mosey back to the AO4COT:
Gravity’s Father-in-Law. I learned three hours after the workout he was going home today. He made it there at 5pm.
BTB’s mother-in-law has cancer (according to a church lady).
Praise: 10 Count’s 2.0 is going to states for the relay 4×800.
EOM: Asking Pax to chip in to help Etch-A-Sketch achieve his dream of being a Sneaker Pimp – he needs a new Mac Book Pro and F3 Cape Fear is gonna make it happen. All those bad ass logos we wear on our shirts and those custom flags – yeah, Etch designed those.

Prayers: first responders and military among those shared in COT.

Skins: Great work everybody. For some reason, in the past couple of weeks when I start a workout, the plan gets thrown out when the voice in my head says, “let’s do something stupid.” That happened this morning … you’re welcome Sting Ray. I’ll be back soon to share again.

Gravity out.


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