Fairy tale of the light poles

Date: 05/10/2019

QIC: Stouffers

AO: Screaming Eagle

# of PAX: 10 Hooch, Hammerhead, Crockett, Flamer, Hoosier Daddy, Rhombus, RX, Moab, The Hoff, YHC.


50 SSH

25 Seal Claps

25 Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

There once was a pile of light poles that had to be removed from the Screaming Eagles AO. They spent several months in Stouffer’s garage but recently were approved to be placed back at the AO in a new location. That being the case each PAX paired up and grabbed a pole. There were 4 poles so that left 2 without a pole. Being they had to be transported about 1/2 a mile the ones without poles were to do 5 merkins or 5 burpees(alternating) for every other light pole we passed. Stopped twice for the 6 and completed 15 overhead press with the poles. Swapped PAX when one was tired of carrying the pole and they started the merkins/burpees.

Dropped the poles off at the practice field next to the stadium and started 5 Pullups- 10 Pushups- 15 Squats for 5 minutes straight.

Mosey to Flamer’s Wall!!! Paired up with partners on the way. 100-200-300 DORA. Partner 1 completes exercise while partner 2 runs to side walk and back. Exercises were decline merkins, squats, and LBCs. All got to LBCs but time was up. Indian run back to the flags!

The light poles lived happily ever after!


Notify all PAX to update their Slack profile with ICE # and Q should always have a phone.


Honor to lead such great HIM!



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