36 Reasons to Appreciate Today!

AO:  HMP (the #ao_og)

DATE:  5/10/19

QIC:  Mr. Kotter

PAX:  Fatback, Daggerboard, Sweatervest, Tiny Dancer, McFly, Flounder, Capt. Stubing, 8-penny, Downhill, Niles, Hush Money, Last, PSB, Beauty, Pony Express, JoCo, Tom Sawyer, Dino, Parrot Head, Gravity, Busted Grill, Pothead, Johhny Cochran, DOT, Wreck-it-Ralph, Mayhem, Bonespur, The Adjuster, SOL, Glowstick, Doubtfire, Hello Kitty, Snap-On, Floppy Disk, and FNG now known as Snuka (as in Jimmy Superfly Snuka)  (36)


  • SSH x 20, IC
  • IW x 20, IC
  • Burpees x 10, OYO
  • Indian Run in 2 lines the long way to the tennis courts




  • pax partner-up and move to a corner of the tennis courts for 4 corners of AMRAP exercises and suicides
  • while pax 1 completes the stated exercise for that corner, pax 2 runs a set of suicides across the 4 courts
  • pax 1 and 2 flapjack when pax 2 completes the suicides
  • once pax 1 and 2 have each completed the stated exercise and suicides for that corner, they transition together to the next corner
  • Corner Exercises:
    • Sumo Squats –  Crawl Bear to next corner (long side)
    • Merkins –  Inchworm to next corner  (short side)
    • Bobby Hurleys –  Bear Crawl to next corner  (long side)
    • Balls to the Wall –  Broad-jumps to next corner  (short side)

Pax gather in the center for plank after finishing all 4 corners.  Time to mosey in a “tight” 2-line formation to the pull-up bars.


  • pax stick with their partners but divide into 2 groups for one round of the following:
    1.  5 Pull-ups, 15 Bigboy Sit-ups, 25 Squats
    2.  pax 1 runs left around pond while pax 2 runs across bridge to far side of loop; when partners meet, they complete 5 Buddy Merkins and continue their run; when they meet again at the end of their half loop, they complete 5 Bro-burpees.

Time to mosey back to the AO.  Out of time already, so no MARY.



Prayers for Gravity’s father-in-law.  He’s a non-smoker but was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

Prayers for Big Tuna as he travels out of town for a funeral.

Prayers for Niles’ brother Rainmaker.  He is recuperating from brain surgery last week.

Niles reminded the pax that we never know our time of dying and suggested that we think of our legacies… of how we will be remembered.  He challenged us to focus on what we can build and not on what we can tear down, destroy, or neglect.



Pop Quiz:  What are the 5 tenets of an F3 workout?            You pass by telling them to a sadclown you are EHing.  Graded on the Honor System.


When the time is right for F3 CapeFear to venture out to unchartered and possibly dangerous territory and launch AO “INDEPENDENCE” at the mall, Flounder must be the Launch Q.  There couldn’t be a more pure form of speed walking than what Flounder performed this morning.  His side to side elbows could off-step the most serious sweatsuit adorned, Rockport wearing perimeter walker out there.


It was a privilege to lead today.  Thanks for following.


-Kotter out





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