Free Downtown Tour with SpinDr

5/9/2019: Free Downtown Tour w/ SpinDr at “Battleship”

-14 PAX: Bluegrass, Hoveround, Brick City, Gravity, Snickers, Sweater Vest, Dixie Chick, Fatback, Daggerboard, baby daddy, Heisenberg, Quincy, Last

-Q: SpinDoctor


20x Seal Claps IC

20x Imperial Walkers IC


10x Windmills IC


THANG 1: We did a serpentine run through downtown, going from Walnut and Water Street, to Walnut and Front Street, going back and forth from Front to Water Streets as we pushed all the way to Nun Street. On each corner each PAX had to do the following:

10x Squats

10x (4 Count) MT Climbers

10x LBC

When we were at Market and Front St, we did Flutter Kicks waiting on the Six.

THANG 2: At Nun and Water Street, we proceeded to the River Walk and proceeded to run back to the Flag. While running on the River Walk, each PAX needed to do the following:

10x Derkins for each group of benches

5x Burpees for each group of “High Stools”


-F3 Shirts should be arriving this week. If you ordered them, you should be getting yours soon.

-Make sure you update your profile on slack to include a Emergency Contact number. (See @crosswalk’s post).

-Hard Launches of Summer Sessions, F3 Topsail and Ballast are coming this next week. More ways to fight the Fart Sack for all you PAX. Also, if you can support the Launch of Jacksonville and Topsail, the more the merrier… #giveitaway .

-Prayers for Gravity’s Father-In-Law, and prayers for all those that are battling the fights for their lives.

-I learned as the Q, you need to make sure you know where all the PAX are and accountability of everyone. Sometimes people may need to drop out, hit the head, etc. If they know the plan, they will know where to meet up. If they need attention, we need to always be looking out for the “6”.

Had fun taking everyone on a Spin of downtown!

Roger That! Spin Doctor, Over and Out!!!



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