Short Run Tour



AO: Stingray

#PAX: 25. Wapner, Butterfly, BamBam, Point Break, EOM, SnailMail, Drag Couger, Pledge, Toby, FNG McCain (Stix), Magneto, Ball Bearing, Footy, Bogey, Etch-a-Sketch, 10 Count, Barnacle, Babyback, Sparky, Offering Plate, KnucklePuck, SpinDoctor, Flounder, dino, OTC

Warmup: SSH IC x40, Hill Billie IC x25, Tappy-Tap IC x30, Imperial Walker IC x25

Mosey the long way around soccer field, stop at first coupon pile for

Partner Dora: 100 Merkins, 200 We’re not worthy’s with two coupons, 300 LBCs. Partner B runs across first soccer field to the ditch and back.

Continue Mosey around soccer fields, stop at bleachers: 10 Derkins, 20 Split Jacks, 20 Big boy situps AMRAP x 10 minutes, YHC got 5 rounds in

Continue Mosey around pond to pavilion parking lot: 10 plank jacks, Bearcrawl patty cake with your same partner, rinse and repeat until time is called

Mosey back to the flag

2 minutes remaining: flutter kicks IC x30


Wapner requested help with a friends move this saturday at 8:30, just DM him

Hard launch for F3 Jacksonville this saturday

Soft launch for F3 Hampstead this saturday, calling all HIMs to support this effort, sorry YHC has to work or I would be there

EOM mentioned the Spartan race in Fayetteville, May 31 and June 1 (I believe that is the date)

10 Count has the check for $4500 for the first of two Ainsley’s Angels chariots powered by F3, way to go MEN, this selfless act will go rewarded

Welcome Stix, Magneto’s 2.0: Great to have another big guy in the PAX, although I have a feeling you do not run like one!


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