May the 4th Baywatch Be With You

Baywatch Burpee Celebration
AO: Baywatch
# of Pax:
Pax: McFly, Spin Doctor, Blue Steel, OTC, Tom Sawyer, Hover-Round, Busted Grill, BamBam, Spin Off, Ronaldo, Overbite, Dino, Heisenberg, Tank, Weed-Eater (F3 Grans Strand), Witch Doctor, Niles, Sprinkles, Hush Money & Gravity.
QIC: Gravity

20 Pax, including 5 EC Manatees met at our temporarily relocated AO, Wrightsville Beach Baptist Church.

Tom Sawyer and I just dropped off 9 pax to begin the Fort Fisher Ruck – 9 burpees to honor those pax.
Flight Nurse and I were both married on 5/6/2000, 19 years ago – 19 burpess to honor being institutionalized.
Tappy Taps x 20 IC – be sure to check the Exicon.

The Thang: break up into 5 groups of 4 – the 5 groups will run an Inidian Run down to Raleigh St. Each Indian should be a group of 4 pax.

Once there, we partner up for Dora-cides.
Partner A
100 – merkins
200 Squats
300 LBCs.

Partner B – run to the first white pole and back, then run to the second white pole and back.

Mary on the 6.

Sprint to the white pole – we sprinted 4 poles – each pole at a time.

Get Wet: Pax are told to get in the water, beforehand we asked for weak swimmers to identify themselves and assigned them two swim buddies. Out we go,, beyond the breakers..

I was calling for the Pax to circle up, but some couldn’t make it beyond the breakers so we modified.
Overhead claps x 10 IC
Do a deep dive and come up with sand in both hands.
Run in place, as hard as you can for 30 seconds.

In the deep end, this would have had much more impact, but the surf was raging a bit.

Barefoot mosey to the lifeguard stand. Get dressed.

We wait for Tom Sawyer and others who got caught in an emotional headlock of some pedestrians.

Once we get to the bridge, Jail break run back to the bridge.
Mary by various pax:
Tank: Dancing frog or something hard to do laughing.
Gravity: Hello Dolly,
Dino: protractor as Bob Ross.
Ronaldo, step in the circle. Its this young HIM’s 13th birthday – 13 burpees oyo.

COT: Prayer for the ruckers, and Flight Nurse, prayers for Rainmaker, prayers for first responders and military.

Skins – thanks for visiting Weedeater from Grand Strand – it was great to meet and chat during Coffeteria.

As always, it’s an honor: Gravity out


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