Catch Me by the Lake

QIC: Tiny Tank

Date: 5-4-19


# of PAX: 4

PAX: Overtime, Rhombus, Stouffers, Tiny Tank

Warm Up:

20 x SSH IC

20 x Imperial Walkers IC

15 x Cotton Pickers IC

20 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC

Arm circles forwards and backwards


Mosey to the lake and partner up.

Catch me if you can with Gazebo work:

Catch me if you can around the lake plus stop at gazebos for escalator.

Catch me if you can. Parter 1 does 10 jump squats while parter 2 does either lunge walk, bear crawl or backpedal on a rotating bases. There are six gazebos around the lake. Stop at each and do escalating exercises. First gazebo do exercise 1. Second gazebo do exercise 1 and exercise 2. Continue until all 6 exercises are performed at the last gazebo. Exercises were:

10 x Burpees

20 x Merkins

30 x Bobby Hurley’s

40 x LBC

50 x SSH

60 x Squats

Mosey to the beach after completing the lap.

Beach Triple Nickle:

Start near the dunes and perform 5 x Mike Tyson’s. Run into the surf and perform 5x Surfees. Run back to dunes to finish the set. Perform 5 sets total.

Mosey back to flags for COT.


Strong work by all!

Sign up for a spot to Q in June.

Advisory council meeting on 5/6.

Strong work Overtime! Keep pushing brother.

Rhombus is killing it. For a newer pax he’s already posting on a daily basis!

Stouffers is well on his way to signing the OAR and the new 50 in 70! Keep up the strong work brother!

Always a pleasure to lead!

Tiny Tank


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