Tombstone’s TOAR Day #28

When: 05-03-2019 Tombstone’s TOAR Day #28

Location: Stingray

QIC: Tombstone

The Pax: Tiny Tank, Rx, Overtime, Rhombus, The Real Franks, Hoosier Daddy

Warm UP

  • 25x Seal Claps IC
  • 15x Cotton Pickers IC
  • Cotton Picker position, stretching to the left, right, and middle.

The Thang

It’s a tour of Veterans Park on the last day of the TOAR.

  • Let’s Mosey over to the Shelter. Partner WO. Partner #1 does Dips until partner #2 runs a sidewalk spoke and comes back.  Rinse and Repeat 2 rounds.
  • Let’s Mosey over to the long parking lot. Partner WO. Partner #1 does Squats until partner #2 runs to the end of the long parking lot and returns.
  • Let’s Mosey over to the Flamers Wall. 11s. Crunchy Frogs and Merkins.
  • Let’s Mosey over to the tennis courts. 4 Corners. LBCs. 10 reps in corner #1, 20 reps in #2, 30 reps in #3, and 40 reps in #4.  100 reps total.
  • Let’s Mosey over to the Pull up bars. It’s a contest. Tiny Tank win by a chin with 17 followed by Hoosier Daddy with 16.75 reps.  Nice work guys!
  • Let’s Mosey back to the flag with a Das Loop run led by The Real Franks.
  • Last exercise the Protractor for one minute.


  • Check Slack for new AOs, runs, challenges, ruck events, charity announcements etc.
  • The Real Franks took us out leading the prayer.
  • Kudos to the guys that circled back and grabbed the Six.


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