Stallions, Studs, and B.O.M.B.S.

Hugh McRae 5/3/19

QIC: crosswalk

# of PAX: 23

PAX: niles, hello kitty, jiffy pop, busted grill, Hagar, pole dancer, floppy D, overbite, Dixie chick, the adjuster, big sky, mayhem, Venus, trump, gravity, parrot head, sunshine, big tuna, last, wreck it Ralph, baby back, flounder.


High Knees IC x20

Butt Kicks IC x20

The Dabo IC x10

Mosey to Parking lot by tennis courts and Partner up.

B.O.M.B.S. 100

Cumulative Reps

Running partner runs to end of lot and back.

100 Burpees

100 Overhead Claps

100 Merkins

100 Big Boy Sit Ups

100 Squats

Get a new partner. Dora.

Running Partner runs across lot and back.

100 Derkins

200 Dips

100 Tuck Jumps

Mosey to horse rink.

Kentucky Derby Relay

2 teams

On go: One pax from each team races around the inside perimeter of rink and back to team (while the rest perform Al Gore) to relay next pax. First team to complete all PAX wins.

Plank, Plank, Goose.

Pax circle up and assume high plank. One pax goes around (like duck, duck, goose) and chooses a pax to chase them. One trying to catch the other and one trying to get all the way around without getting caught.

Mosey Back to flags.


Parters for Niles’ brother as he recovers from brain surgery and the Fort Fisher Ruck safety.

Always an honor to lead



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