Return to the Gloom

When.  April 26, 2019

Where.  Screaming Eagle AO, Veterans Park


Pax. The Adjuster, who’s your daddy, Crockett, The Real Franks, The Mountie, Flamer, Stouffers, RX, Rhomibus, Overtime, Sunshine, 8-Penny, and Donut


It has been quite sometime since I have Q’d a work out. I truly have missed being in the gloom with my F3 brothers.  It is awesome to see so many new faces. Glad to see that we continue to give it away.

The warm-up consisted of 50 seal claps. 25 hillbillies, 15 Merkins, 20 windmills, and 25 squats.

We then moseyed over to speedbump row.

Lineup in a single file line. And start lunge walking. Last man sprint to the front. You are now doing a lunge walk Indian run. We continue this for three speed bumps.

Circle up.

15 Burpee’s on your own.

15 Burpee‘s on your own.

Mosey to the big parking lot.

Partner up. Partner A wheel barrel walk across the parking lot you will then switch with your partner and come back. Upon returning he will partner carry your partner back across and he’ll return with you. For the third set you will bear crawl over a bat while your partner holds the Al gore then you’ll switch. Repeat twice.

Moseyed to the pull-up bar.

Lineup in three columns.

Three men at a time on the pull-up bars. Performed Max pull-ups. Everyone else holds the Al gore until they get on the pullup bar. Repeat twice.

Mosey over to the school to the big wall. Next exercise is balls to the wall. While holding balls to the wall we performed 10 handstand push-ups. Next we slowly walked our hands away from the wall until our bodies were parallel with the ground in our feet were against the wall. This is a great core exercise.

Mosey back to the flags. Ensuring we never leave anyone behind.


We did 25 flutter kicks. We did 25 hello dollies. We did 25 American hammers.


Prayers for Stouffers father who is about to undergo surgery on his collarbone.

Prayers for those who protect us, heal us, and educate us.

The Fort Fisher ruck is happening May 4 sign up do it.

Donut and tombstones band, Better with Bourbon is playing at the Palm room Saturday night April 27. If you haven’t seen this band you need to find time to go see them. They are awesome.  Your five dollar cover charge will be donated to Ainsley‘s angels. This is the fun raiser of that McFly and 10 counts are doing to raise money to buy two running strollers for Ainsley‘s angels.


Crockett why do you want to be crosswalk?  Did he give you permission to use his name?

Sunshine, dude you’re killing it keep pushing.

Rhombus, who’s your daddy,  and overtime welcome to the brotherhood that is F3. Great to meet you guys this morning you guys have good energy and you’re motivated. Keep up the good work.

Stouffers you’re getting stronger every day brother keep up the good work.

8-Penny, as always you’re a freaking beast.

The adjuster, thanks for traveling south for a little work out. Great to see you in the gloom. Thanks for keeping me in line.

Donut,  Way to keep pushing this morning.

Thank you for letting me lead. Someday I will not be able to do this but today was not that day.

EPO out



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