Field of Burpees


AO: StingRay 

26 PAX 
Sparkey, Bogey, Warner, Peachtree, Atari, Sensay, Sidewinder, Happy, Waterboy, Spin Doctor, Dino, Point Break, Bam Bam, Drag Cougar, EOM, OTC, Shakedown, Bob the Builder, Ball Bearing, Pledge, Magnito, 10 Count, Baby Back, Snail Mail, Footy.

Q: Footy

30 Sealclaps
30 Carolina Drydocks
30 Goofballs
20 Mountainclimbers

2nd Warmup
10 Americans
Run 50 yards
10 Burps
Run 50 yards
10 Breakdancers
Sprint 100 yards

X 2

25 Burpees
Lunge 25 yards
25 Sidejump Surfers
Lunge 25 yards 
25 Plank Toe Touches
Big Tire Hop 25 yards
25 Bobby Hurleys 
Big Tire Hop 25 yards 
25 Big Boy Sit-ups
Sprint 100 yards

X 4

Thank you Lord for providing this opportunity to work toward a goal with these men. Please help us translate today’s physical struggle and our ability to persevere in serving your purpose, Lord. 


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