Bluegrass Sand Spur Ghost Flag beatdown

QIC: Bluegrass

Date: 4/26/2019

# of Pax: 15

PAX: Spyro Gyra, Last, LETC, Flight Nurse,  Snickers, Brady, Jewel, Baby Daddy, Dickie Chick, ParrotHead, AED, Tom Sawyer, Pistol Pete


SSH – IC  x 38reps…was going to stop at 20 but we waited for our last PAX to join us…
Cotten Pickers – IC x 20
Moroccan Night Clubs – IC x20

The Thang

We started our work out off with an Indian Run around the loop at Town Hall Park. Then we moved straight into the beatdown.

Today was a full on Dora workout….and in honor of the HIM from #AGAO coming I felt like we’d make it a tough one.

Transition between PAX – 5 burpees at the path
50 – Burpees (This is where the sand spurs came into play….)
100 – Plank Jacks (Then again with the sand spurs here….)
150 – Squats
200 – LBC’s (This may have been the worst of the sand spurs…)
250 – Bobby Hurley’s

We transitioned into a set of 11’s with your partner by your side at each point.
We ran the field from stage to tree line to separate the sides…

Side 1 – Step Up’s
Side 2 – Merkins


We worked so hard that we only had time for 1 final exercise…my favorite…

Captain Thors…Or as I like to call it Captain America’s!!!

1:4 ratio WWII sit-up with 4 american hammers
We traveled the pyramid for this one… 1 up to 5 down to 1


Prayers for Joey who is recovering from bowel surgery, praying for speedy recovery and for him to get back in the gloom at F3Sandhills. Prayers for man diagnosed with terminal cancer – prayers for divine healing and peace during this time for him and his family. Prayers for a young newlywed who is transitioning back into civilian life. Prayers that Jewel can speak words of truth and wisdom into his life and headlock him into a visit to the gloom and a man who can radically change lives…Jesus Christ. First Responders and Military always present in our prayers…keep them safe Lord.

The Ghost Flag was captured by the HIM from #OGAO…I pulled no punches during this beatdown and made sure they paid for making the trip OTB to the greatest AO in BruCo.

Bluegrass out!


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