4 More days of 42…….

QIC: Snickers

Location: Battleship

15 PAX: YHC, milli Vanilli, Mr. Carter, brady, Gravity, stoffers, Bolt, Dixie chick, parrot head, baby daddy, bluegrass, Sonic, special K, kramer, SOL

Warmorama: SSH ICx20, Bat Wings- 20 forward arm circles(hold), 20 backward arm circles (hold), 20 overhead claps (hold), 38 seal claps, and Cotton Pickers IC x20

The Thang:


Mosey to the wall past the parking garage. 5 count balls to the wall.

Mosey back to the parking garage. Everyone got a partner, and the work began. Partner one worked on the b.o.m.b.s (5 burpees, ten overhead claps, 15 merkins, 20 big boy setups, and 25 squats) while partner two ran up the ramp one level and came down the stairs to where partner one is doing the work. Once back down the partners switch. After both partners have completed this round, they continue to the next round which is the same as the first accept the runner will now go up two levels. This continues adding a level to each round until you reach the top of the parking garage. Once this is complete, both partner will run to the top and continue in reverse order. We ran out of time to complete this.

Moseyed back to the AO for the COT!!

COT: Men of the F3 Nation, favor for Glow Stick in EHing co-worker, first responders and US Military

Announcement: CapeFear and Iron Island shirt orders, launch of F3 Topsail, Tuesday downtown boot camp AO BB, and F3 Lejeune

Strong work Everyone. So grateful for F3 and the men that make it what it is.

Snickers OUT


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