Ruff Tucker’s

Date: 4-24-19

QIC: Special K

Pax: 5 Parrot head, Cannoli, Candyland, Seahorse, Special K

Fia: 1 Ocra

2.0 Fngs: Welcome Scavenger, Welcome Jumpgirl!


15 cotton pickers ic

15 imperial walkers ic

20 arm circles ic

The thang:

Rucked around the outer loop stoping along the way to do some merkins and squats! All had fun!

Then we rucked over to the pull up bars where we attempted to do some pull-ups w ruck packs! Some attempted more, some attempted inverted rows! All had fun!

From there we bear crawled across the bridge to goose poop island, then we did some squats, dips, and lunges to the steps where we all played follow the leader, W and wo packs! All had fun!


From there we rucked to the AO for some Mary: flutter-kicks, Lbcs, and protractors! All had fun!


Prayers for parrot head! He is competing in a heavy lite ruck??? Next weekend! Whatever it is it sounds very hard! Prayers for health, and props to challenging himself and meeting his goal!

Great night for a ruck and thanks to all who attended!


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