Partner Pond Circuit

Date: 4/22/2019
AO: Monster Factory
QIC: BabyBack
# of PAX: 8 (+EOM for Warmups)
PAX: P-Doc, Dino, Spin Doctor, Barnacle, 10 Count, Pledge, Stouffers

Side Straddle Hops X 25 IC
Cotton Pickers X 15 IC
Windmills X 15 IC
Batwings: 20 IC each
Forward Arm Circles
Backward Arm Circles (Did these sobriety style since Pledge was bored during the Forward Arm Circles)
Seal Claps
Overhead Claps

The Thang:
Mosey to Coupon Pile
Pick a two challenging coupons
Mosey to Skate Park lot
4 Corners Escalator in half the parking lot. We lunge walked twisting the coupons between corners.
First Corner: 10 curls each arm
Second Corner, add: 20 American Hammers
Third Corner, add: 30 Tricep Presses
Fourth Corner, add: 40 Lion Kings

Partner up for loops around pond going opposite direction as your partner.
20 Step Ups (each leg) at shelter
5 Pull Ups
20 Merkins at bathrooms
20 Bobby Hurleys at corner near old pull-up bars
5 Burpees w/ high five when you meet your partner.
Goal was 3 laps. Counter clockwise group completed the three laps, clockwise group almost did.

Out of time, jailbreak back to the flag.

Welcome Back 10 Count!
Your Pie fundraiser tomorrow night for Ainsley’s Angels. 40% of proceeds go toward F3 chairs!
Prayer for Sri Lanka bombing victims and families.

As always, it was a privilege and an honor to lead!

BabyBack OUT!!


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