LMM – Weighted String of Pearls

QIC: Bluegrass

Date: 4/22/2019

# of Pax: 10

PAX: Spyro Gyra, Laloosh, Snickers, Brady, Skywalker, PinStripes, Jewel, Edger, All Season


SSH – IC  x 20reps

BatWing – IC x20reps
LBAC – little baby arm circles – FORWARD
LBAC – little baby arm circles – REVERSE
Seal Claps
Overhead Claps

Cotton Pickers – IC x20reps

The Thang

As the preblast stated this is not a 0.0 AO….that being said we moved our way around Town Hall park with our weights. There is nothing like carrying your kettlebell or dumbbell around the park loop while randomly stopping to do an exercise. Here is the list of exercises we did…making it 2 full laps of the 0.6 mile path. Oh and the penalty for putting your weight on the deck…..5 burpees

Exercises consisted of the following…we did manage to get 2 rounds of these in during our time:

American Hammers
Al Gore’s
Forward Press
Big Boy Sit-ups
Around the Worlds – For Earth Day ya know….
Overhead Tricep Extensions

We had no PAX who put the weight down during the Thang…however Snickers did drop his out of the back of the truck…so we all did 5 burpees just because!


Flutter Kicks – IC x20reps
Hello Dolly – IC x20reps


Prayers for SpiroGiro as the demo on his house begins…7 long months after the hurricane. Edger’s 2.0 Shelby as they head to UNC for hearing tests. Military and First Responders who lay it on the line everyday for us.

Way to push through men and carry that weight around the loop!

Bluegrass out!


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