Earth Day Edition of Heavy Metal Monday 🤘 🌎 🤘

Pax: Dep Dawg, Happy, Milkman, Morpheus, 8 Penny, Sooner, Downhill, Seahorse, Gravity, Gumtree, Wapner, Mayham, Waterboy, Big Sky, Trump, Hush Money, Pony Express, BoneSpur, The Adjuster, Jiffy Pop, Nancy Pants, and SOL. 

Warmarama: 20IC – SSH, Potato Pickers, Murkins, 2 laps around the parking lot fast mosey. 

HMM Stations – Clean Jerk Press, Squats, tricep ext, calf raises, Burpees, lawn mowers, star gazer press, swings, curls, lunge walk to station 1.  
Run 2 laps around parking lot fast mosey. 
Repeat HMM stations. 
Run 2 laps fast mosey. 
Got half way through HMM stations till 610. 

Mary IC x 20: LBCs, Freddy Mercury’s, Imperial Walkers, Murkins, Flutter Kicks with help from Downhill, Happy, and Gumtree. 

COT: May the 4th Ruck. It’s Earth Day today and every day – Be the Change!!


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