Work the Legs

Date: 4/18/19
AO: Cool Runnings HMP
QIC: Pony Express
# of PAX: 11
PAX: Sooner, Uglystik, LETC, 8Penny, Sparky, Happy, Trump, Waterboy, Gulliver, Tenenbaum, Pony Express

Warmorama: Cottonpickers IC x 10, Imperial Walkers IC x 10

The Thang: Mosey to the track at UNCW. When we get to the track, partner up. Partner 1 runs a lap while partner 2 does a leg exercise, then flip flop.

  1. Copperhead Squat
  2. Forward Lunge
  3. Reverse Lunge
  4. Imperial Walker Squats

We head back to the AO Indian Run style. Once back at HMP we jailbreak back to the AO. Back at the AO we have time for some MARY.

  1. Merkins IC x 20
  2. Flutter Kicks x 25
  3. Hold Plank for 10 count by each PAX

It was a great workout this morning and strong work by all.

COT/Moleskin: Prayers for first responders and military

It was an honor and a privilege to lead.

Pony Express out.


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