Baywatch – Are you all in?

Date: 4-19-19


AO- Baywatch

Pax: StopDropandRoll (FNG), Walk This Way (FNG), 8Penny, Backup (F3Metro),  Beauty, Big Sky, Blue Steel, Burger Feet (F3Raleigh), Busted Grill (72war daddy), Chocolate Box (F3Metro), Dino, Downhill, Gravity, Heisenberg, Huck Finn, Huggie Bear, Kramer, JOCO, McFly, Morpheus, My Precious (F3Raleigh), Niles, Pdoc, Ronaldo, SOL, Shut in (F3Carpex), SurfnTurf, Sparky, Spin Dr, Sprinkles, Tank, Tenenbaum, Tiny Dancer, Waterboy, Wild Card

Prov 27:17

Ecclesiastes 4:12

Romans 5:3-4

Matthew 10:8

Matthew 28:19

It’s Easter weekend and the town asked us to relocate Baywatch to WB Baptist. Did the Nation get the memo. 35 pax are here. Guess so. Let’s get it on. 


SSH ic x 33

Imperial walkers ic x12

Cotton pickers ic x 12

Merkins ic x 12

Mtn climbers ic x 33

Switzer to ponder on:

Iron sharpens iron

Though 1 may be overpowered, 2 can defend themselves, a cord of 3 strands is not quickly broken. 

Suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; character, hope. 

Freely you have received; freely give. 

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations. 

F3 theme songs, or from the Good Book?  Or both?

Gather in groups of 3 and mosey to the beach. 

Tha Thang. 

At beach, we acknowledge that the 11 remaining disciples scattered and were alone and/or denied Jesus during his trial. In their memory, we do Jacob’s ladder from water line to the dunes, going up to 11 burpees. 

On Saturday we think the disciples began to gather in small groups, but continue to suffer over what has happened. Our groups of 3 do lazy Dora (plank when not doing routine)- 150 merkins, 300 squats, 450 LBCs. 

Then the disciples realize Jesus has defeated death and risen from the grave!  We’re jacked up too!  So we do 11s. Prisoner squats and super stars! 

Now, as Jesus spends time with Peter after He is risen 

He asks Peter, “Peter, do you want to be a mascot?”  “No Lord, you know I don’t.”

Jesus asks, “Peter, do you want to be a sad clown?”  “No Lord, you know I don’t.”

Jesus asks, “Peter, are you all in?”  “Yes Lord, you know I am. I am all in!”

NOTE – adapted and paraphrased from John 21:15-17

Pax, if your all in, follow yhc into the 59 degree ocean. 35 pax were all in!

Find your buddies, and mosey back to the flag. 

No time for Mary.   She had to hurry off to the upper room. 

CoT – Prayers for Beauty’s friend’s family who is missing in the ocean. Prayer’s for Sooner’s special ed Easter egg hunt. Prayer’s for McFly’s fundraiser for Ansley’s angels to help special needs folks participate in races. Prayer’s for Burger Feet’s project at Whitestocking Rd, as he continues to lead an incredible RE-Build ministry for so many who lost everything   Consider reaching out to him and joining in. Most importantly, prayers of gratitude for what God did for us through the cross, and that a few more pax might find the peace that surpasses all understanding. 

Mole Skin- JOCO continues to be on FIRE!  A lot of good mumblechatter today, but yhc missed a lot of it, due to thinking too much on what was next. Did notice Dino whining about getting in the water, when it was his idea the day before. With so many out of town pax, it felt like the UN – except we actually got stuff done. New AOs launching in Hampstead and Jacksonville soon. Get in a clown car and give it away!

Sunday is coming!  It was an honor and a privilege.  

LETC out


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