Good Friday: Via Dolorosa

4/19/2019: Good Friday

AO: #og_AO

PAX: Dino, Tom Sawyer, PSB, JoCo, Beauty, TrampStamp (FNG), Gravity, PoneyExpress, SOL, Busted Grill, Wreck-it-Ralph, Last, LETC, McFly, Hush Money, The Adjuster, Pot Head, Blue Steal, Crush Groove, Davey, Trump, Venus, SpinDr

QIC: SpinDr


20x Seal Claps IC

25x Imperial Walkers IC

20x Cotton Pickers IC

20x LBC IC

The Thang:

Via Dolorosa (The Way of the Cross), POAS format

We did 14 stops/stations as we ran around Hugh McRae Park. Each stop consisted of 10x 4 count Merkins, 10x 4 count Squats, 10x 4 count LBCs.  Stop 3, 7, and 9 consisted of Burpees of some sort added (Christ falling). Stop 5 consisted of partner Derkins (Simon carries Christ’s Cross).  Stop 11 consisted of 10 Pull-Ups (Christ is crucified). Stop 12 consisted of 20 Burpees (Christ Dies).


Baywatch will be at WB Baptist Church tomorrow. Your Pie Fundraiser for Ainsley Angels on the 23rd, check Slack for more info. Share “Free to Lead” to all the new PAX, read it and pass it on. Ft. Fisher Ruck May 4th. F3 Topsail, The Bowsprit Hard Launch May 18th, Soft Launch May 11th, Hampstead Kiwanis Park. May 7th The Ballast Downtown BootCamp

Prayers/Praises: Gravity’s Dad’s Birthday, Praises for 3 job offers for SpinDr, Prayers for Beauty’s crews today.

Welcome FNG new PAX Tramp Stamp.

Enjoy your Easter Weekend! Roger that!!!

SpinDr, Over and Out!



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