Battleship 4/18/19

Battleship POAS

Date: 04/18/2019
# of Pax: 9
QIC: Gravity
Weather: Clear, 60 degrees

Pax: Sloppy Joe, Johnny Gage, Snickers, Jewel, Baby Daddy, Niles, Cannoli, Sweater Vest & Gravity.

Welcome, Mission, Credo, Disclaimer

POAS = Pearls on a String.

Follow me: mosey to Heisenberg Hill – SSH x 25 IC
Gage and Sloppy Joe take off to run hills in preparation for their upcoming 50K – they rejoin us in COT.

Mosey to the top of the hill:
Cotton pickers x 10 IC
6 Burpee Box Jumps OYO

Follow me – up to N 3rd St and run south to the CFCC auto garage – merkins x 10 IC

Follow me – up to 3rd St, run south to the county parking deck.
WW2 Sit Ups x 10 IC
Decline Merkins x 10 IC

Follow me – south along N 3rd St to the 3rd Street entrance of the 2nd St deck.
Right hand forward Merkins x 10 IC
Left hand forward Merkins x 10 IC

Follow me – mosey up the parking deck to the 3rd level.
Pickle – start with 10 burpees. Partner B leaves after 5 count.
Partner A: 100 Dead Stop merkins, 200 heel slap squats, 300 heels to heaven
Partner B: other side of the deck – Balls to the Wall
Partner C: from B2W, run down a level and run up the deck to relieve Partner A.

Q calls Recover with about 20 H2H left.

Follow me – mosey to the top of the deck – admire the view

Down the steps, Indian Run back to the AO.

Mary: 25 American Hammer IC – Gage and Sloppy re-appear.

COT: you have simple instructions men: 1) buy a shirt, 2) sign up for the ruck, 3) have a meaningful conversation with your family about the events 2000 years ago.

YHC shared a story of his father, who turns 85 this Friday the 19th. Last night, my sisters both called in a panic, he had fallen from his chair and lacked the strength to get up on his own, so I drove over and helped him up. I made sure he wasn’t hurt and all was good. Then he said, “you know what’s funny?” Me: “no”
Dad: “its ‘Fall Prevention Week’ at Elderhaus.
Me: “Well you felled.”

BOM: prayers for those Christians being persecuted around the world even now, 2000+ years later. Prayers for F3 Cape Fear, prayers for military and first responders.

Always an honor to lead.

Gravity out.


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