Kettle-Bell Walk

Kettle-Bell Walk


Date 04/11/19


Location: Thursday Thunder


QIC: Bam Bam


# of PAX: 8


PAX: SOL, Hush Money, Magnito, Sparky, Wapner, OTC, 10-Count, Bam Bam




  • Side Straddle Hop – 30 IC
  • Baby Arm Circles – 30 IC
  • Imperial Walkers – 30 IC




  • Mosey to the Bleachers to begin a Kettle-Bell Circuit with the following exercises:
  • Kettle-Bell Rows
  • Kettle-Bell High-Pulls (YHC said High-Pulls but demonstrated Clean, so Cleans it was)
  • Kettle-Bell Reverse Fly
  • Kettle-Bell Swings
  • Kettle-Bell Bus Driver
  • Kettle-Bell Deadlift
  • Kettle-Bell Curls
  • Kettle-Bell Table Log
  • Kettle-Bell Halos
  • Each exercise performed for 2 sets of 20 reps. In between each set and each exercise PAX walked up, down and across the bleachers (both sides, so going up and down stairs twice), effectively performing Kettle-Bell Heavy Carry between sets and exercises.
  • Finished with superset of 20 Kettle-Bell Swings, followed by 20 Kettle-Bell Curls, followed by 20 Kettle-Bell High Pulls.



  • Count-orama
  • Name-orama
  • Announcements –
    • Ainsley’s Angels – Coastal NC Run/Walk for Autism coming up April 27th. Great opportunity to participate! $1500 + raised to date. Still accepting donations!
    • Hush Money and SOL close to completing the OAR! Great to have those two out at our AO!
  • Prayer Requests
    • Prayers for SOL and family as they work through the loss the family dog, a most loved and trusted companion of 15+ years.
    • Prayers to OTC as his family recovers from viral illness.


  • Thank you, gentlemen, for allowing me the opportunity to lead today. It was and is an honor.  Bam Bam out.



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